Surrounded By Books


Surrounded by books–

The smell of pages and dreams

Drifting through the air;

Breathing quietly,

It feels so serene

To know there’s so many


Beating around me.

Hearts filled with courage and grief,

With love and pain–

Eyes that traverse

Time and space,

Just to look

Right back at me.

I can feel no pain here,

Surrounded by books.

They defend me from

War and grief,

And they always

Soothe me

Even as they

Isolate me.

I am happiest here,

In silence and love.

Here, there are people.

Old friends, and new friends–

The children of writers

And daydreamers.


If I Had You Back


If I had you, do you think

I’d let you go again?

I’m fighting now, and fidgeting–

Losing myself in pain.

I’m trying not to remember,

But the words sear my brain:

I let you go, I let you go again.

If I had you now, do you think

I’d let you go again?

I miss the days when I had

You pressed against me,

When I had your voice

Whispering in my ear: “I’m yours.”


I’m losing the memories, and I–

I want to fall asleep.

I’m losing the dreams, and I–

I want to wake to you again.

If I had you, would the pain

Of knowing I let you go