In Defense of Simplicity


Without a greater reason,

There lie those

Who try to sleep.

They pull away,


With emotions–

Simply because

They’ve learned it’s useless

To fight.

They know that,

Unless they scream,

Not a soul

Will listen.

Despite their protests–

Both loud,

And silent–

They know

They will grow

Tired of reacting,

Tired of caring.

They know

They will cease

To exist inside–

As that is how

They are treated



Without Rhyme Nor Reason


I fell in love

With you,

A man I had never met.

Dark and dangerous,

Full of secrets–

Countless things that pulled me close.

You loved me,

A younger girl,

With a mind as broken

As her heart.

I fell in love–

How broken I was!

How fearful, how lonely.

How could you be

So patient with me?



Pulled away,

Couldn’t fight it–

But couldn’t stay.

I fled,

Eyes closed shut

And a mind


To admit it.


I ran away,

Wishing you

Would chase me–

But instead, you



You knew

I would come back.


You stayed there, waiting.

You watched me

Weep, and grow.

You shaped me into

A healthier love

For you.

You let me grow,

Giving me a place

Where I

Can be safe.


Without rhyme, nor reason–

You stayed

With me.

I Won’t Settle for Less


You are mine, not another’s.

That laugh of yours?

Heard only

By me.

That smile?

Brought on by me–

If you know what’s good for you.


Every time you

Pull out your phone,

Drop time with me for her–

It hurts me, and then

It ceases to hurt.


Calluses form where

I had once cared.

Calluses that block out the pain,

But also the need

For you.


She has you, at least as much

As I do.

I want it all, though.

I want what I had



I want you.

You say I have you,

But I know it’s a lie.

I want every beat of your heart,

And I won’t settle for less.


I’m tired of feeling

Like I’m second best,

Second place,

Second in your heart.

I’m tired of you

Pulling away

To go to her.

I’m tired

Of every game we play

Including her.

I’m tired

Of every conversation

We have

Including her.

I’m tired.


I’m tired of being tired.


I want to feel


And I won’t settle for less.