So, It Has Been a While….


How do I even begin to catch you up? How do I even try?At what level to I begin to unwind the secrets, redo all of the things I should have done? How do I tell you I’m okay, even though things have fallen apart?

I’ll begin with simplicity, I suppose. I’ll leave the nuances for later.

A very close family friend passed away. Her funeral was Sunday. I won’t go too in-depth here, as I must have respect for the dead–and those still alive.

I’m back in school. It’s my grade twelve year–dear god, one more year until I….Until I leave this place. A scary thought, to realize this is my last year of true freedom before things change.

Before I have to grow up.

I’m not ready to grow up.

Anyways, I’m addicted to this MMOFPS/TPS called Firefall. I am known as Scripturient, and I’m a level 23 Recluse, level 26 Biotech, and a level 13/14 Assault. (In Firefall, you can change classes (also known as frames) any time you want, but you have to level up each frame independently.) If you want to play with me, shoot me a message, add me to a squad, or just shoot me a message in chat. I’ll respond if I’m online.

I’m re-reading The Second Apocalypse series, namely rereading the Aspect-Emperor trilogy’s first two books, as I’m not quite certain I ever finished the second book. I am in love with R. Scott Bakker’s writing, and I always will be. The first trilogy, The Prince of Nothing, was one of the most re-read things I ever owned. (In fact, I’m pretty certain I have read The Darkness that Comes Before more than ten times).

I haven’t been writing very much at all, even though I do plan to do National Novel Writing Month this November. I do really want to rewrite and complete my novel Candy-Sweet Faces, so I’ll probably do THAT this year. I will also have to come up with a new title for it.

I’m bad at titles.

Anyways, what else has been going on with me? Where do I start? How do I phrase it?

I don’t know.

I guess I’ll start…writing a poem, then.

I love you.


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