It Hurts the Most


It hurts the most,

Before it gets better.

It hurts the most

But then it improves.


It hurts the most

When you start to smile,

And hurts the least

When you start to cry.


It hurts the most

When I realize I’m bitter,

And hurts a lot less

When I realize I’m better.


Hurt I am,

But better I will be.

Broken I am,

But stronger I will be.


It hurts the most,

But that’s the weakness dying.

That’s the part of you that still feels

Burning up inside.


It hurts the most,

But then you can smile–

It hurts so much less,

When you smile; while others cry.


When others cry,

It’s okay to be strong

And comfort them.

It’s okay to admit it doesn’t hurt at all.