Reach Me With Halos


Reach me with your good,

Say that you mean well.

Lie to me if you must–

After all

You only want what’s best.

Lie to me if you must–

You seriously don’t believe

I can see your reasons?

Your silly belief behind

Every little lie?

Don’t you think I can see

You don’t want what’s best for me?


You want what’s best for you,

So I don’t leave you behind.

You need me behind you,

Supporting you and loving you

But you won’t do the same for me.

You never do the same for me.


I’m tired of saying you’re okay;

And I’m tired of forgiving

Your little mistakes.

I want what’s best for me–

And that might not be,

That might not be….


That might not be you.


INSPIRATION: Halo by Evans Blue