A Long Dark Night


It’s dark tonight.

Usually is, when I’m

Around you.

No, wait;

That was harsh,

Wasn’t it?

Well….I suppose

It’s about as harsh

As when you leave me

To do other things.

You never seem

To stick to the plans

You make with me.

You know, I wish

I could say these things.

There are many, many

Things I could say.

Things like:

“You’re forgiven.”

“You fool.”

“You seriously believed

“I meant it when I said

“It would be okay?”

So many words

That hide at the back

Of my throat–


To be spoke.

I know they

Would wound–

Either him,

Or I.

Which one of us?

Beside the point.

I’m tired of pretending

That I’m willing to choose

Your joy

Over mine


It’s been far

Too many

Long dark nights

For me

To still