Break Up With Me If You Think I’m Unreasonable


I’ve been patient.

I’ve been calm.

I’ve understood.

I’ve defended you to my parents.

I’ve watched over you.

I’ve watched anime with you.

I’ve let you spend time with her.

I’ve let you emotionally control me, abuse me.

I’ve let you think

That throwing money at me

Will make me okay again.

I’ve let you call me clingy.

I’ve let you leave me alone.

I’ve let you hurt me.


But now that time is done.

If you want me,

Come and get me.

If you want me,

Give me a reason to let you

Ever touch me


If you love me,

If you want me,

Show me some freakin’ proof.

Choose me for once.

Choose me, your GIRLFRIEND,

For once.


Put away your friends.

Come up with some ideas.

Spend time with me–

And don’t act like it’s a chore.

Stop making me compete.

Stop making me hurt.


Stop making me love you,

When it’s getting to be clear

You don’t care



Without A Word


Without a word,

I’ll run from you–

And leave you wondering


Why would I choose

To run

When you (say)

You try so hard.

Why would I run?

Why would I run

When you (seem to)

Work so hard?

As hard as you work,

As much as you try,

It doesn’t

Keep me

From running.

You hurt me.

You push me away,

Choose another,

And expect


To stay.